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Most people experience anxiety at some point in their lives, and it can present itself in a variety of ways, such as panic attacks, intrusive thought patterns, negative self-talk, and phobias. I am here to help you understand the root cause of these anxieties and learn new coping skills. You will learn to challenge these anxious thought patterns and in turn enhance your daily quality of life.

Attachment / Relationships

Having healthy and fulfilling relationships can enhance your sense of belonging as well as self-confidence and sources of support and care. However, relationship issues can often arise, and often stem from early childhood attachment wounds. Attachment-based therapy aims to help you confront and process any childhood experiences that might be impacting how you currently view yourself, your relationships, and the world around you. Healing these attachment wounds is an important step to help enhance your current relationships both with yourself and others. 


Low self-esteem is something that most people struggle with at some point, whether it is related to body image, performance at work or school, or even generalized feelings of insecurity. I can help you manage these types of feelings by examining and deconstructing any negative and unhealthy internalized self-beliefs and replacing them with more positive and beneficial ones (such as self-compassion).

Life Transitions

Life transitions are inevitable for everyone at some point across their lifespan, whether it be transitioning to or from jobs or schools, marriage, divorce, breakups, moves, deaths, or births. Therapy can be a healthy way to help you navigate these transitional times. I can support you and equip you with coping mechanisms and cognitive tools to help you through these transitions as smoothly as possible.

Power Therapy

Kaitlyn Power, LCSW
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Direct: 213-374-0541
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Searching for a therapist who is the right fit for your unique needs can be difficult, but attainable. To see if we could potentially be a compatible match before we start working together, I offer a courtesy 15-minute phone consultation. If we don’t feel like it is the right fit, I am more than willing to offer other referrals.

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