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Kaitlyn Power

As a therapist in Southern California, my specialty is working with young adults and giving them a safe space to navigate the complexities of our modern day world. I see therapy as a safe space for people to make healthy life choices through increased insight into how their minds work. Working through and learning from past experiences will help enhance ego strength and self-esteem, and equip one with tools to live a full and balanced life. I would be honored to be part of your journey of self-exploration and personal growth, and can’t wait to work with you on your life goals and aspirations!

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Attachment / Relationships


Life Transitions

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My name is Kaitlyn Power and I am a therapist and licensed Clinical Social Worker in Southern California in practice since 2016.

As a therapist, I value the uniqueness of each individual client, and provide support and compassion to encourage clients to feel safe in expressing their current thoughts and feelings. I listen empathetically, affirming each client’s sense of worth and value, and at the same time I gently encourage them to expand their comfort zone by asking questions and empowering them to take small steps towards their realized goals.

Power Therapy

Kaitlyn Power, LCSW
CA License #: 116422

Direct: 213-374-0541
Email: [email protected]

7740 W. Manchester Avenue, #109
Playa Del Rey, CA  90293

Work with me

Searching for a therapist who is the right fit for your unique needs can be difficult, but attainable. To see if we could potentially be a compatible match before we start working together, I offer a courtesy 15-minute phone consultation. If we don’t feel like it is the right fit, I am more than willing to offer other referrals.

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